The competitive business environment demands from organizations responsible business practices are increasingly important. Social responsibility generates added value for our partners - customers, suppliers, communities in which we operate and the environment. Our intention is to maintain a set of values and standards that prioritize our commitments, mentioned below:

Our commitment:

Our workforce: Employees and the work environment. We are committed to being a responsible employer, which people choose to work with. We strive to ensure that the physical work environment and business practices are safe and allow people to develop and give the best of themselves. As a company focused on people, our focus is on professional development and the welfare of all our employees.

Clients: Collaborating with our clients, understand their real business needs and provide lasting value with tangible results. We are serious about dialogue and customer response. We seek to integrate corporate responsibility and sustainability considerations in our services and technology products.

Communities: Influencing positively the communities in which we live and act. We work at the national level with local authorities and organizations in community projects. We encourage the involvement of our employees with the development of the community.

Suppliers: We work with our suppliers and business partners to establish solid and sustainable procedures for our purchasing processes, so that they are aligned with the same principles.

Environment: Recognizing our environmental impact, we strive to reduce it in the most important areas for our business, especially in waste management. The long-term sustainability is essential. Therefore, we strive to increase employee awareness, reduce our impact and increase our positive contribution.