qualidadeSTEMA assume quality as a cultural factor of the company. We therefore understand that we should assume the commitment to continuous improvement of our services, giving priority to customer satisfaction through compliance with the deadline for receipt and dispatch of goods handled in the company.

STEMA also understand that the protection of the Environment, Health and Safety of its employees, customers and the community in general, are essential values for the Company's sustainability.

Moreover, we are aware of managing the impact of our activities and services in society. Therefore, we are committed to ensure the preservation of the environment, thus complying with applicable laws and legislation, making the management of solid waste and adoption of integrated quality management practices.

In our quality objectives we emphasize that the human capital of our organization is one of the main assets we have. For this reason, we care and we guarantee to those who work with us the right conditions for the safe development of their work. In addition, we train and sensitize our employees concerning safety, in order to control the risks and dangers to which they may be exposed through appropriate training policies.

For all this, STEMA is a fundamental basis for the handling and marketing of grain, always keeping focused on achieving the overall objectives of the Company, thus consolidating the prestige of it.