apresentacaoThe Company Silos e Terminal Graneleiro da Matola, SA is a Mozambican company founded in April 9, 1996 to fill the existing logistical emptiness at the time in terms of grain handling in molds and industrial and commercial volumes seeking to respond to the growth of the cereals market at national and regional level with particular reference to Zimbabwe.

The cereals produced and marketed around the world feed the 206.4 million people in Southern Africa by entering an essential port terminal called STEMA, in other words Silos e Terminal Graneleiro da Matola.

STEMA is located where your customers and partners need it to be, in the bowels of Maputo bay, in a fast and privileged space and access within the port of Maputo, duly equipped to receive, store and distribute grain by sea, rail and road.

Our presence responds to the dynamics of the grain trade in Mozambique, in the southern region of Africa and the world at large.

Indeed, handling cereals unloaded by sea and transferred to the region by road and rail, the effectiveness and efficiency of our services boost the trade and services between member countries of the SADC block and the world.

On the other hand, receiving via road and rail, cereals produced in southern region of Africa and uploading it on ships, our services contribute to the achievement of exports and imports connecting Southern Africa and the World.

Proudly, we are the right partner in the value chain of imports and exports of which we act as a platform for development of trade between the SADC and the world.

Our ambition is to expand increasingly our services so that they are used by national and international operators.

The total satisfaction of our customers is the strategic goal of the company, always offering quality and speed in our services at competitive prices.